Facts about Campbell County School District

  • Enrollment

    Growing steadily with 8,100 students currently; third largest school district in Wyoming.


    Encompasses all 4,761 square miles of Campbell County.


    The District's 25 school facilities include:

    • 2 High Schools
    • 1 Junior/Senior High School
    • 1 Alternative Transitional School
    • 2 Junior High Schools
    • 17 Elementary Schools (3 rural)
    • 1 Aquatic Center


    The district has 1,763 full-time and part-time employees, including  844 certified (teachers, specialists, administrators) and 866 non-certified (clerical, custodial, bus drivers, food service, aides, maintenance, etc.)

    Student/Teacher Ratio

    18 to 1 (district-wide average)


    Teachers are heavily involved in a curriculum process which calls for continuous monitoring of objectives and materials. A major curriculum update occurs in every subject area at every grade level at least once each six years


    Campbell County School District supports a network of over 7,000 computers which are all connected through wireless and leased lines to the Wyoming Equality Network. The network supports curriculum integration into the classroom as well as administrative functions.

    Parents are given access to their children's daily grades and attendance through the use of Powerschool. Over 50 percent of our parents actively check their student's records on-line.

    Custom designed curriculum web pages allow for easy access of information while mastering curriculum standards. On-going staff development is provided in promoting the use of a variety of technologies within the classroom.

    The District Technology Plan serves as the umbrella in implementing technology. Building technology plans works in concert with the district plan in ensuring that technology goals are in line with school improvements goals.

    District Awards

    • C.C.S.D. received a Ruby Award in the first Governor's State Quality Awards Program. This was the highest award received by any entrant. The award represents excellence in planning, achievement, use of funds, and relationships with the people we serve - students, parents, taxpayers, etc.
    • For the third year in a row, C.C.S.D. received a SchoolMatch "What Parents Want" Award for meeting the needs of families choosing schools.

    Aquatic Center

    Nationally known for its excellence, this facility regularly hosts local, state, university and national swimming and diving competitions. The Aquatic Center has been selected as the site for the Western Zone Championships in August of 1996.

    Science Center-Adventurarium

    The Science Center-Adventurarium is a unique hands-on science center located in Campbell County School District’s Lakeway Learning Center in Gillette, Wyoming.  Serving over 6500 students during the previous school year, the Science Center.  Adventurarium continues to serve as an extension of science classrooms around the district.  In addition to serving the district, we also have hours available for the public to come and visit us!


    One of just three planetariums in the state, thousands of students and adults from several school districts visit the C.C.S.D. Planetarium for classes and programs each year.

    Special Education

    Outstanding special education services are available for students who are educable mentally handicapped, trainable mentally handicapped, behavioral disordered, speech impaired, hearing impaired, visually impaired, physically impaired, learning disabled and home bound or hospitalized.

    Gifted and Talented

    The District offers gifted and talented programs for students in grades 3 to 12 through a program called Gifted and Talented Education (GATE).

    Vocational Technical Education / Tech Prep

    This is a process for school restructuring that emphasizes strong academic and technical preparation for all students in grades 7-14. This program includes school-to-work processes, internships, on-the-job training and Industry in Education Days as well as numerous other opportunities for students.

    Alternative School

    The Alternative Transitional Center at Westwood High School offers an innovative high school program for students who are in danger of dropping out because of difficulty in regular high school activities and curricula. In addition to the Alternative/Transitional Center, Twin Spruce Junior High School and Sage Valley Junior High School also offer an alternative school for junior high age students who are in danger of dropping out of school.


    Campbell County School District is fully accredited by the Wyoming State Department of Education, and all schools are North Central accredited.

    Staff Development

    Through collaborative efforts of the departments of Curriculum and Assessment, Instruction and Human Resources, the District's Staff Development offers a wide range of professional growth opportunities that encourage all staff to learn new strategies, enhance existing skills, share their expertise, and sustain their enthusiasm to help students achieve academic success. Based upon the needs of individuals and/or buildings, we offer courses for university credit and also a series of short 3-hour sessions we call Action Labs. The labs are taught by classroom teachers and other district staff recognized for their expertise in a particular area, and allow individuals to self-design their professional growth. This office also coordinates and supports advanced degree programs from several universities.

    B.E.S.T. Committees

    Each school has a Building Excellent Schools Together (B.E.S.T.) Committee, made up mostly of teachers, charged with setting building goals which lead to implementation of effective schools techniques.


    Campbell County School District enjoys strong community support, including a network of hundreds of volunteers who perform clerical, media, classroom aide and other valuable services.


    4,400 students are transported each day to and from school. Including activity trips and field trips, Campbell County School District buses log over 2.0 million miles per year

    Early Childhood

    Early Childhood Education in Campbell County offers a variety of programs for everyone

    Parent University

    A series of classes are offered several nights during the year. Topics are presented that provide helpful information to parents.