Bus Stop Safety

  • Parents can promote bus stop safety by making sure their children follow these simple rules compiled by former bus drivers for the National Association for Pupil Transportation:

    BEFORE boarding, a child should:

    Arrive at the bus stop five minutes early.  Rushing often leads to carelessness.

    Wear bright colors or put reflective tape on backpacks to increase visibility.

    Take five giant steps back from the curb, which is in the driver’s line of vision.

    Pack all belongings in appropriate bags so hands are free to grab the safety rail.

    Make sure clothes and backpacks don’t have hanging straps or strings that may become snagged in the vehicle.

    Wait until the bus stops completely before approaching the vehicle.

    Avoid pushing or roughhousing while waiting or boarding.

    If you have missed the bus, please go back home to find a ride.

    Remember outside the bus can be very dangerous....NEVER CHASE AFTER A BUS!

    WHEN leaving the bus, a child should:

    Cross in front of the bus, never behind it.

    Take five giant steps away from the bus before continuing home.

    Be alert to traffic, looking left, right and left again before crossing the street.

    Parents can help by taking turns monitoring the bus stop.