Health Advisory Board

  • Healthy Schools Advisory Board


    To provide direction, leadership and resources in an attempt to increase the physical, mental and social health status of students and staff.


    1. Provide leadership and direction for new and existing Healthy Schools Programs

    2. Provide opportunities for daily physical activity by utilizing GYM 60 principles

    3. Provide and promote nutritional guidance, awareness, and offerings. 


    -Meets quarterly



    Michelle Heitmann- Healthy Schools and Safety Manager

    Kip Farnum- Director of Student Support Services

    Larry Reznicek- Human Resources Manager

    Lisa Durgin- CCSD Board Member

    Bryan Young- Nutrition Services Manager

    Nicole Ely- President of the PTO programs

    Jason Garman- Secondary Principal

    Brandon Crosby- Primary Principal



    Please see Healthy Schools Application Documents below. 




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