Inclement Weather

    The following is taken from Campbell County School District's Transportation policy, view the full policy here.


    • Special snow day procedures will be implemented when necessary. This five (5) step system goes as follows:
      Selected routes may be delayed: Schools open as scheduled, but selected routes are delayed by either one or two hours, depending on the route and severity of weather and/or road conditions.
    • Selected route cancellations: Schools open as scheduled, but selected routes may not be able to run. Parents may transport students but are encouraged not to.
    • Delayed school start or early release:School start time is delayed by two hours or released early two hours
      • Selected School
      • County wide school

    ** In all situations, inclement weather routing may be implemented**

    The decision will be announced on local radio and television stations as near to 5:30 a.m. as possible. Parents will also be contacted directly by CCSD Administration via an automated telephone calling system used by the district for parent notification. For the system to work efficiently, please ensure your student’s contact information is updated as needed.

    The parent/guardian always has the right to decide not to send their child to school.

    Inclement weather or unimproved roads may result in buses being unable to meet the regular schedule, necessitating some buses to run their inclement weather routes. Your bus driver will send home an inclement weather route procedure for your area. Inclement weather information is posted on the school district’s website ( It is the parent’s responsibility to get the students to or from the adjusted stop.