National Board Certification

  • For important information about WNBCI's support system and to keep informed of what is happening feel free to visit WNBCI at or you can contact the following:

    Mary Ellbogen Garland -

    Barb Maquire -

    PTSB is also proud to be a part of the initiative for National Board Teacher Certification. As of March 2010, the local John P. Ellbogen foundation is administering programs for educators. For more information regarding state support for NBC candidates please visit the Wyoming information page on the NBPTS website:

    Benefits of Pursuing National Board Certification

    • Strengthens teaching practice
    • Improves students' learning according to a vast majority of research
    • Advances teaching careers
    • Increases financial opportunities in many states and districts
    • Provides a portable teaching license in most states
    • Contributes to CEU/re-certification requirements in some states

    Wyoming offers significant financial benefits to those seeking National Board Certification including:

    • Financial Support
      • Financial support for candidates pursuing National Board Certification is available though special grants and subsidies. This funding is made available to help offset the cost of assessment fees.
    • Support through the Ellbogen Foundation's National Board Certification Initiative
      • The John P. Ellbogen Foundation is committed to assisting Wyoming educators in achieving National Board Certification. The foundation provides significant financial assistance, as well as offering programs for candidate support through every step of the national board certification process. If you are interested in becoming nationally board certified, your first step should be to contact the Ellbogen Foundation.


    The total assessment fee is $2,565. WNBCI will pay $1,000 and they request another $1,000 from federal subsidy. When teachers apply WNBCI ask that they pay the initial $565. That will be the trigger for WNBCI's portion and the request for federal dollars. Also,candidates give approval on their application for their candidacy to be shared with a third party. Otherwise, it is confidential and they will not know about the applicant. They also keep the candidacy confidential. The application deadline is November 15.

    If the district does help with the application fees, you must sign an agreement that assures us you will reimburse the district if you choose to quit or drop the program before completion.  This agreement will be available from Human Resources or from the link below. If you have any questions about this please contact Human Resources. 

    Campbell County School District and WNBCI Support for National Board Certification



    $4000 annual incentive for 10 years

    The district also supports renewal of NBCT’s after the initial 10 year award.

    Two-Substitute Days

    Two days have been granted to each candidate to use for preparation prior to their taking the test.


    C.C.S.D. continues to bring in NBCT trainers and speakers to help with our current certified candidates on the proper procedures for mentoring.


    Our professional development specialists will help teachers film their lessons for submission.

    Candidate Support

    Our district will provide a vehicle/transportation for individuals interested in candidate workshops sponsored by the Statewide Support System.

    Registration/Testing  Reimbursement

    CCSD will provide reimbursement for registration and testing costs.  However, we encourage our candidates to seek fees through the Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative first.

    Board Recognition-Community Recognition

    When new candidates receive their certification, they are always presented to the Board for recognition.  The local newspaper has been generous in highlighting the importance of National Certification.

    WNBCI Recognition

    The WNBCI publicly recognizes new National Board Certified teachers at a dinner celebration in Cheyenne each year in late January or Early February.


    Provides a candidate support trainer once a year in late January or early February. It is done in conjunction with their annual celebration of new NBCT’s.

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