Flex Spending Accounts

  • Flex Spending Accounts
    (Medical & Dependent)
    Employees may elect to participate in a flexible spending account by having money deducted from their paychecks, pre-tax, to use toward specific expenses. The district does not contribute to this account, and eligible expenses are defined by law. This plan is subject to the IRS' "use it or lose it" rule. The TPA for claims processing for all flex accounts will be UMR. Enrollment in flex accounts must happen within 30 days of a "life event". Once enrolled, changes are not allowed unless you have a life event. All enrollees must re-enroll EVERY YEAR, even if there are no changes to the amounts being contributed.
    Medical Accounts may be used to cover health care, dental and vision expenses and are ONLY available to employees enrolled in a CCSD Medical Plan.
    Dependent Care Accounts may be used to cover day care services and are available to all CCSD employees.
    UMR Flex Spending Accounts - July 1, 2023
    IRS Publication 502 (What is allowable for Flex spending)
    Over the Counter Items that may be eligible for reimbursement