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    Summary Plan Document

    VSP is our Vision Service Provider. Monthly premiums are as follow:
    Coverage                                   Premium
    Single -                                         $11.68
    Employee + Child(ren) -             $18.69
    Employee + Spouse -                 $19.07
    Family -                                         $30.30
    The COBRA cost to the individual is 102% of the full premium. An employee is covered under the Group Insurance Plan through the last day of the month employment terminates. Exception: Certified employees are covered through Aug. 31, if they work through the last day of school. Classified employees are covered through the month they last work as a regular employee.
    COBRA (continuation of coverage) is available when insurance benefits terminate for an employee and his/her dependents or if an employee and/or a dependent is no longer eligible.
    Please note: This website is intended for information only and is not a guarantee of benefits. We make the Summary Plan Descriptions readily available to all employees by posting them on this website, in a printable fashion to reduce paper waste of printing them. If you would like a printed copy, please feel free to print one yourself, or you may request one from the Benefits Specialist in HR. All benefits are subject to eligibility requirements and may change at any time. In the case of a difference between the above listed information and the master documents, the master documents will be controlling.